Biodiversity is the amazing richness and variety of wildlife and habitats on earth, from snowfields to rain forests and from mountain tops to the deep ocean floor. Even in the twenty-first century England, the range of biodiversity is extraordinary. In the busiest city park and the quietest rocky cove, there is an enormous number of individual species, each one superbly adapted for its own environmental needs.

No one organism lives in isolation. Each contributes to the balance of nature and the survival of the planet. Yet, the impact of man’s activity is increasingly changing this equilibrium.

Biodiversity is important to us all:

  • we must hand over to the next generation a world no less rich than the one we inherited;
  • the culture of a nation – music, literature and visual art – is inspired by its landscape and wildlife;
  • respect for the environment encourages respect for ourselves;
  • power over other organisms confers responsibility;
  • life takes time to evolve but can be lost quickly and is impossible to replace;
  • our environment’s health determines our own;
  • some organisms are useful to us but we shouldn’t limit our efforts to these – we must conserve all those about which we still know little.

The Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) is the UK’s initiative to maintain and enhance biodiversity. English Nature and other organisations from across all sectors are committed to achieving the Plan’s conservation goals over the next 20 years and beyond